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RICS Home Survey - Level 2

RICS Homebuyer Report

A RICS Level 2 HomeBuyer Report is a more detailed survey than the Level 1 Condition Report, providing a comprehensive assessment of the property’s condition. It is designed to assist homebuyers in making informed decisions about a property purchase. Here’s what a Level 2 HomeBuyer Report typically covers:
The report starts with a description of the property, including its location, type, and construction materials.
The surveyor will evaluate the overall condition of the property, both internally and externally, highlighting any significant issues or defects that may impact its value or require attention.
The survey will assess the presence of dampness, condensation, or rot in the property, including identifying any potential causes and recommending appropriate remedial actions.
The surveyor will inspect the property’s structure, including walls, floors, ceilings, and roof, to identify any visible defects or signs of movement that may affect the property’s stability.
The report will provide an assessment of the roof’s condition, including checking for any visible defects, the presence of leaks, and the estimated age and remaining lifespan of the roof covering.
The survey will evaluate the condition of the joinery, windows, and doors, highlighting any issues such as rot, decay, or poor maintenance.
The survey will inspect the property’s damp-proof course and insulation, providing an overview of their condition and any recommended improvements for energy efficiency.
The report will cover the visible aspects of the property’s services, including electrical installations, plumbing, heating systems, and drainage, identifying any visible defects or potential safety concerns.
The Level 2 HomeBuyer Report may include a market valuation of the property, providing an estimate of its current market worth based on comparable properties in the area.
The surveyor will offer advice and recommendations for necessary repairs, maintenance, or further investigations, helping you understand the potential costs and implications of addressing the identified issues.
The report may also include additional information, such as legal matters, environmental concerns, or any other significant factors relevant to the property.

Condition Ratings

Our RICS surveyor gives condition ratings to the main parts (the ‘elements’) of the main building, garage and some outside elements. The Condition Ratings are as follows:

Frequently Asked Questions

Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) is a globally recognised professional body.
It ensures RICS registered surveyors adhere to the highest professional standards set across the globe.

You should enquire about a Level 2 Survey if you need more information whilst buying or selling a conventional house, flat or bungalow, built from common building materials and in reasonable condition.

The survey includes a more detailed inspection and report to highlight any potential issues or hidden flaws, provides an outline of the repair options available, and draws attention to severe or potentially unsafe conditions.

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This is a non-intrusive survey. This means that the surveyor will not look behind or move large furniture, or lift floorboards as part of the survey.

For a standard size property, we aim to have our survey of your building complete within 2-4 hours from arrival, which may vary for larger or smaller properties. We also aim to have the full report available to you within 5-7 working days of the surveying taking place.

After a survey has been completed you will receive advice and technical information based on the survey you choose.
This includes guidance on any maintenance or remediation necessary. 

If you are in the process of buying a property and would like to arrange an RICS Homebuyer Report please contact us today for a quote.


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