The Top Five Property Must-Haves Post-Pandemic

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During the last 12 months we have all become intimately acquainted with our own four walls. Some people were lucky enough to enter the pandemic with lots of space and light, whilst others felt cramped and irritated with things they had not noticed before in their homes.

One thing is for sure though, a year at home has forced us all to think about what we really want from our homes. This is something that will stay with many of us, in the near future, as going forward many people will still be working from home.

A new study conducted by, analysing the users of the Savills websites has found what the top five things are that people are now looking for when searching for a new home.

1. Gardens

Unsurprisingly, gardens are at the top of most people’s lists as we ease out of lockdown. The demand for gardens is believed to have gone up by 74% globally.

This increased desire for properties with gardens has been linked to the movement of many city homeowners migrating to more suburban areas where the chances of having a garden are higher. This is thought to be the thing that has pushed the demand up the most.

2. Natural Light and High Ceilings

As we ease out of months of staying home as much as possible, there has been a rise in the amount of people searching for homes with high ceilings and lots of natural light. This is something that becomes more obvious when you consider the benefits of natural light and the amount of time we have all been spending inside recently.

After months of being home, lockdown has given many people the want to bring more of the outdoors and nature into the home. It is though that searches for houses with high ceilings has increased by 15% in the UK.

3. Home Gym

It is thought that at home gyms will become a staple part of the post lockdown home. This idea is something which has been suggested through an increase in searches, throughout the pandemic, and from data that suggests many people do not want to go back to tradition gyms.

The closing of leisure centres and gyms across the country with the start of lockdown has created a huge rise in people completing at home workouts. With stars such as Joe Wicks and ‘Yoga with Adrian’ becoming household names in the UK. It is thought that a lot of people are converting spare-rooms and garages into workout spaces.

4. Accessible WIFI

The movement to working at home, for many, has caused accessible fast WIFI to increase on most people’s priority lists.

Buyers are thought to now be checking for faster WIFI when looking for a house- with the availability of fibre optic broadband being searched 91% more than it was before March 2020.

5. A Home with a View

A room with a view has become a must-have during the months of lockdown. Whether it be the sea, mountains, or lakes, having something gorgeous to look at from your home it is becoming a bigger selling point.

 It is thought this has also created an increase in demand for balconies, not just windows with a view. An increase search for houses with views has grown in nearly every country in the world.

Source: Morris N. (27May 2021) These are the top five property demands for homeowners post-pandemic. Accessed; 27/05/2021 at:

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