Training Surveyors

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As of 2021 Winfields Chartered Surveyors have given its employees a further way to expand their knowledge of surveying and valuation. A select few have been chosen to train as Associated Members of RICS. This training will allow for these individuals to become part of the surveying team and once they are qualified, they will be able to carry out their own surveys.

By helping our employees to gain further qualifications Winfields hopes to support and encourage the growth of new specialised skills and to help its members increase their employability.

It is integral to Winfields that all work is carried out to a high professional level and that high ethical standards are maintained at all times. These are fundamentals which under-peg the values of RICS and by helping our staff to complete this training we are ensuring that their work is recognised for the high standard it is.

We aim to always uphold our reputation as a trustworthy and dependable company which is further exhibited through our connection to RICS.

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